Swimming Pool Covers

Quality and Service are never accidents.

They are always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

They represent the wise choice from many alternatives.


The concept of the NewTech-NZ Pool Cover Systems is not in any way new to the swimming pool industry as a whole, but can be seen as relatively new to the New Zealand pool industry, because of the fact that through much research and development, we must consider ourselves amongst the first here in New Zealand to adapt imported systems to suit our own local needs, whilst still maintaining local and international standards of quality, reliability and durability – and all with our overseas manufacturers guidance and full corroboration. A large percentage of our products are either assembled or manufactured right here in New Zealand – in partnership with other like-minded New Zealand support industries. In some instances using up to 80% New Zealand componentry.


“Built by us, for you – Putting something back into our own future”

Our innovative and technically advanced systems are definitely amongst the most comprehensive range of pool cover products available from one supplier in New Zealand at present.

Ranging from our flagship automated pool cover, the “Roll-a-Slat”, to our own locally manufactured “Roll-a-Guard” vinyl pool cover, along with our manual winter and safety covers, thermal pool covers, through to a full range of related products in full support of the exciting and very practical range of pool cover options that NewTech – NZ has developed and has on offer.

“A free movement of ideas, information, technology and talent being utilised and shared to improve awareness in the industry”

Our range of NewTech-NZ automated pool covers are well suited to existing (retrofit-type) pools as well as to new pools with dedicated cover-pits built in.

To a swimming pool owner, the reasons for keeping a pool covered varies from person to person, but these reasons are of paramount importance to each individual: - Our NewTech–NZ automated pool cover systems are specifically designed to deal with the reasons relating to covering a pool, sharing the following advantages: – Maintaining heat retention – Minimising water evaporation – Keeping the pool clean – Providing a safer recreational environment – Extending the swimming season – Less maintenance – Less water and chemical costs – Minimising chemical odours –Aesthetically pleasing to look at – Easy to use (fully automated) – and much, much more. Providing value-added products and solutions to the pool cover market and industry.

“Let the good times roll over your personal lifestyle with a pool cover from NewTech – NZ”

Service and Support

Possibly the most crucial of all elements to effect the longevity, sustainability and credibility of all businesses. We are equally committed to the quality of our service as we are with the quality of our products.

All NewTech–NZ systems are manufactured, assembled and installed by fully trained and competent New Zealand technicians, throughout New Zealand.

All automated products are placed onto a scheduled maintenance programme (country-wide) and serviced and maintained regularly by the same technical personnel.

Information and professionally designed technical installation and data booklets are available to architects, poolbuilders, and developers on request.

  • A toll-free service ensures free technical and sales advice to all enquiries.
  • Full on-site training is a pre-requisite for all new owners of NewTech–NZ pool cover products.
  • The majority of spare parts and spares are available OFF-THE-SHELF throughout New Zealand.
  • Full manufacturers’ warranties apply.

“Transform your pool into a stylish, modern, fully automated pleasure”

“Enhance the potential of your own back yard”