About Us

NewTech-NZ  was borne from the realisation that there is a very real need for much improved service, support and after sales care to the pool cover industry throughout New Zealand.

While other pool cover importers resist the opportunity to provide an all-encompassing service to industry and end-user alike, we have recognised and identified this need and welcome the challenge to raise the ante and provide the much-needed turnkey solutions required to better serve the pool cover market and industry.

It is our intention and obligation to not just import and resell, but to manufacture in New Zealand, with the partnerships of other support industries, with as much componentry as possible sourced locally. Putting something back into our future to ensure our own sustainability and growth.

Through sincere effort, we will deliver full and all-encompassing service to every sector of the market that requires it: From information and advice to the architect at planning stage; Site visits and reliable technical information to the pool builder and electrician; Installation by professional and permanent technicians; Proper hand-over of the equipment to the owner; On-going support to the end-user in the form of scheduled maintenance inspections and the availability of spares (mostly off-the-shelf in New Zealand) and technical support in the case of breakdowns – Throughout New Zealand.

We offer no alleged claims that our products are better or cheaper than others. We recognise other products for what they are; we simply offer the choice of the right product for the need, the best quality available for the price, complemented by the right service and support you should expect to be getting.


Challenge is opportunity – but challenges require more than just on-selling products; they require the constant redefining of innovations - the desire to improve; the ability to think progressively; the ability to provide solutions. These challenges are not taken on by chance, but by choice.

Knowledge in the industry, resourcefulness, ethics, reliability and fairness will set us apart and establish us as the leaders in the industry we serve.

The corporate culture adopted by NewTech-NZ  is the basis of our foundations, and we believe it is this value that makes the difference in the products and service we provide. We stand behind our people, our materials and products, and our expertise.


NewTech-NZ  will strive to provide innovative, value added products and solutions to the pool cover market and industry, and will offer and produce quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We will conduct our business in a moral and ethical manner. We are committed to our customers, to our production partnerships and to the continual improvement of products and service.