Customer Service

NewTech-NZ  is extremely committed to the quality of service and quality of products we provide.

We will provide service to every sector of the market that requires it. From information and advice to the architect at planning stage; Site visits and reliable technical information to the pool builder and electrician; Installation by professional and permanent technicians; Proper hand-over of the equipment to the owner; On-going support to the end-user in the form of scheduled maintenance inspections and the availability of spares (mostly off the shelf in New Zealand) and technical support in the case of breakdowns – Throughout New Zealand.

The majority of our cover systems (more specifically our “Roll-a-Guard”) have been specifically designed to ensure that the maximum percentage of all components can either be purchased off the shelf or made in New Zealand - Supporting each other in business.

Unlike most other cover systems in New Zealand there should be little or no delay in sourcing parts locally if needed. The system is also designed to operate in the most simplistic manner possible, eliminating complicated systems and lots of working parts.

Although existing imported systems are currently available from a few local suppliers, the source of these products is almost entirely from overseas which generally lends to extremely high overall costs for the New Zealand swimming pool owner. Long delivery delays, lack of spare parts in the country, and very few available dedicated service technicians are some of the negative issues which NewTech-NZ has taken into consideration in a bid to bring to New Zealand competitively priced, reliable and stylish options of automated pool covers, combining some of the latest technology with simplistic designs, and more importantly, maintained and serviced by dedicated New Zealand service technicians.

Peace of mind, reliability and uncomplicated design are the key factors separating our cover systems from most others.

Initially, all installations and maintenance servicing throughout New Zealand will be done from our Auckland branch, but it is our intention for each region to become self-sufficient and self-supporting in time, with installation and servicing agents being trained and appointed to look after their own areas.