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Auto Water-Level Controller

Correct water levels are critical to the proper function of every pool cover. Too high and the cover catches under the copings or pit beam, too low and it catches on the pit wall. An auto water-level controller is a cost-effective way of controlling this factor. Simply consisting of 3 probes in the water, sensing high, low & normal water levels. The setting of these probes allows a solenoid valve to either open the water supply to top up the pool, or open the waste valve to drop the level of the pool – All fully automated – Peace of mind ensured- especially when you are away.


Auto Wind Speed indicator

Excessive wind speeds can lift and destroy any pool cover in seconds.

An auto wind speed indicator is designed to open the cover off the pool, when excessive wind speeds are encountered – Protecting your cover automatically – Peace of mind assured- especially when you are away.


Auto Pool Cover Rainwater Pump

Vinyl pool covers often fill with rainwater, sometimes resulting in the fabric tearing from tons of weight on it.

An auto pool cover rainwater pump is designed to prevent this issue.

By means of a float valve in the pump, it switches on and off automatically to clear the water off the cover – Peace of mind assured – especially when you are away.


Pit Cover Benches

We can offer the added service of supplying bench covers to enclose above-ground cover systems – Aluminium – Wood – Composite PVC – Each custom-made to suit.


Pit Cover Brackets

A variety of brackets can be manufactured to suit any individual pit size or shape, to support decking or tiles above the cover pit.

All are in stainless steel.



A large range of manually operated cover rollers is available to deploy and roll up slatted, vinyl, debris, safety or thermal covers, where automation is not required.

Available in anodised aluminium, stainless steel, fixed or mobile on wheels.



All NewTech-NZ cover systems carry the full manufacturer's warranties as prescribed by the manufacturers of the various components in our products.