"Roll-a Slat" Above-ground & In-pool Systems

NewTech-NZ automated slatted pool covers
Above ground & In-pool systems


Slatted CoverTo a swimming pool owner the reasons for keeping a pool covered are varied and of paramount importance. The NewTech-NZ system is specifically designed to deal precisely with reasons relating to covering a pool, by: i) Maintaining heat retention ii) Minimising water evaporation iii) Keeping the pool clean of debris iv) Cost savings from reduced heating bills, reduced chemical usage, minimal cleaning and valet servicing, and often v) Providing the safest possible environment for your family and friends.

The “Roll-a-Slat” fully automated slatted cover is considered to be a much superior option over the normal bubble or vinyl sheet types of covers available, and is generally considered to be a permanent solution in the covering of a swimming pool.

In operation, (either by push-button or remote) its ease of use must be considered very favourably by the owner. Its lifespan of 10 years (minimum) easily offsets the initial capital costs incurred, making it a cost-effective and practical permanent solution.

The slatted type cover, being purpose-made to suit every individual swimming pool, ensures precise and personal customer satisfaction at the outset.

The availability of various options i.e. slat colours / above ground (retrofit) / in-pool variants / manual or automatic operation, allows for the perfect choice of the most suitable pool cover type for your particular needs and environment.



The concept of the NewTech-NZ automated pool cover system is not in any way new to the swimming pool industry as a whole, but extensive research and development by NewTech-NZ has been undertaken to be the first in New Zealand to adapt imported automated systems to incorporate as many parts as possible from New Zealand suppliers, and to assemble and install the product in New Zealand. The NewTech-NZ system is fully designed and manufactured to suit local conditions, and to still meet local and international standards of quality, reliability and durability.

Many replacement spares are off-the-shelf  – no delays – no international freight costs – New Zealand service as it should be – Supporting each other.

The NewTech-NZ “Roll-a-Slat” cover system basically comprises of many interlocking PVC hollow-core slats, which are interlinked to each other by a unique clip/slide arrangement. Each slat is individually sealed at each end to prevent the ingress of water into the slats. This method of sealing makes every slat totally buoyant and allows the cover to float on the water’s surface. The dual interlocking system means slats cannot pull apart.

The slats are connected to a roller system, which is motor driven at one end by a 24V DC drive system, making it impossible to receive an electric shock.

Every cover is custom-made to suit each particular pool design, ensuring maximum surface coverage is achieved.

The two basic systems available from the NewTech-NZ “Roll-a-Slat” range are the above-ground system (retro-fit) suited to existing pools without covers, and the in-pit or submerged system which is directed mostly at newly constructed pools, where the cover pit and motor pit can be built in at the construction stage. Some existing pools can be modified to accept the in-pit system.

Whichever type of system is used the NewTech-NZ “Roll-a-Slat” cover system is designed to be efficient, cost-effective and an exclusive choice for the discerning pool owner.

Designed primarily for heat retention and pool cleanliness this system also drastically reduces chemical usage and provides a high level of safety to every pool.



The operation of the slatted cover is such that the cover floats on the surface of the water and fits snugly under the coping surrounds of the swimming pool. Very simply, the slats uncoil off the roller when the cover is going out onto the pool, and floats on the water’s surface until they reach the far end of the pool, and the entire surface of the pool is covered. To retract the cover, the slats are coiled back onto the roller until the entire surface of the pool is exposed for swimming.

Built-in limit settings automatically prevent the cover from going out too far onto the pool or retracting too far back onto the roller.

In both the above-ground and in-pit options the cover is easily operated by an individual and has no connecting ropes or fixing hooks to contend with. 



All NewTech-NZ “Roll-a-Slat” pool cover slats are manufactured from High Grade PVC, and are fully UV stabilised, suitable for outdoor use in our harsh New Zealand weather conditions. Each slat has 3 individual compartments across their entire length, which is sealed off at both ends with end-caps. These airtight compartments ensure that every slat is completely buoyant, has maximum insulation against heat loss, and also provides some additional heating into the pool water from sun.

All “NewTech-NZ” covers are custom-made to fit any specific size pool, ensuring that the entire width and length of the pool is precisely covered. All slats are inter-connected by means of a flexible tongue-and-groove joint system.

Slats are available in multiple colour choices.

End caps also serve to protect the slat from wear and tear against the pool sides.



All NewTech-NZ components are manufactured from the highest grade materials with the close proximity to water, chemicals and our harsh outdoor weather conditions being the foremost consideration in the design criteria.

Rollers are manufactured from high grade stainless steel, with all connecting bushes being of polyethylene to eliminate corrosion.

All shafts/bolts/fixings are manufactured from high grade stainless steel.

All units incorporate as-standard, limit setting features, pre-set to stop the cover automatically at its extremities.

Operation of the system is by manual open/close buttons or by hand-held remote.




Automated slatted pool cover systems are not considered by New Zealand law to be safety covers. Although by design they do lend themselves to give a certain degree of protection against drowning being applied from above whilst the cover is on the pool.

The level of protection from a NewTech-NZ “Roll-a-Slat” cover can be increased by fitting handrails to the pool side walls, mounted just under the water line, or alternatively by building in recesses to both side walls to accommodate the slats.

These inclusions will allow the slats to be semi-supported when weight is applied from above.

Some local councils in New Zealand have accepted slatted covers as a safety device, but the onus is on the pool builder/owner to apply for consent as a safety cover from their respective local council.




All NewTech-NZ cover systems carry the full manufacturer's warranties as prescribed by the manufacturers of the various components in our products.

In the best interest of the client and supplier, it is a condition that all covers are serviced regularly, in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturers, during the warranty period.

Thereafter the onus to service the equipment rests with the owner.

All servicing must be carried out by a recognised installation or service agent.

(Warranties are subject to correct on-site installation by an authorised installation agent.)